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Restaurants and gastronomy

Restaurants and gastronomy

Seasonal fruit and varied fruit mixes for restaurants and grand cafés

Frozen fruit is indispensable in restaurants and gastronomy. The art of good food is also visible in working with fresh products. Frozen fruit and fruit puree are therefore indispensable from the menu. Restaurants like to have good quality fresh fruit every season to process it in, for example, apple pie, desserts and other dishes. With Fruitlife's frozen fruit, the preparation of every delicacy or menu becomes a party. The fruit is easy to order by email As a restaurant owner, you can choose from dozens of types of frozen fruit and fruit mixes.

Give dishes flavor and a colorful twist with fresh fruit

Fresh fruit gives menus flavor and character. For example, berries go well with a game dish, while banana slices and delicious strawberries also do well in ice cream desserts. In addition, fresh fruit and fruit puree are also widely used in juices, smoothies, cakes and salads. Grapes, for example, do well in a meal salad. Does your catering business have a cocktail menu? Then fresh fruit comes in handy when making all kinds of cocktails. With this you turn every cocktail into a true work of art. Whatever you process fruit in, Fruitlife has plenty of choice from countless types of fruit.

The convenience of frozen Fruitlife fruit

Do you want fruits that are immediately ready for use? Then the choice for fresh fruit from Fruitlife is quickly made. All fruits are already pre-cut, so you only have to defrost it. Combining different types of fruit? For the preparation of smoothies, we recommend that you always use frozen fruit and or fruit puree, the constant quality that is guaranteed throughout the year ensures a constant taste experience, and what about the many hours of cleaning, peeling and cutting of the fruit, with Fruitlife's range of fruit you can forget about this cost item, all types of fruit are ready for use and what about the loss, by using frozen fruit this can be reduced to 0. By combining with the various types of fruit, the choice of Smoothies can be realized is enormous, feel free to take a look at our range list.

Fruit without artificial sugars and other additives

You can always order frozen fruit from Fruitlife without artificial sugars and other additives. So you can assure guests in your restaurant of fresh fruit packed with vitamins. Fruit that you buy from us has a long shelf life and can be processed in all kinds of delicacies, dishes, drinks and desserts. With our seasonal fruit you are assured of the tastiest and healthiest fruits in your dishes and desserts every season. And your guests, they enjoy it to the fullest! In short: scroll through our fantastic range of fruit and order what you need for your restaurant or grand café.


Extensive range, immediately ready for use

Fruit all year round! Fruitlife has selected the tastiest and most beautiful fruit from the best harvest areas especially for you. The fruit is easy to dose, has a long shelf life, has no additives and can be processed immediately.

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