Large consumers

Large consumers

Bulk packaging of fruit for large consumers

Do you want to buy large quantities of frozen fruit to use in your own production? Fruit Life offers the possibility to purchase fruit in bulk packaging. Most types of fruit are immediately available from our own cold store and in large quantities. In this way, your range is always up-to-date and you can serve your customers and buyers perfectly. A large package is of course also interesting if you use fresh fruit or fruit puree daily in your work. That way you never run out of stock. Curious about our range of frozen fruit or fruit purees? Scroll through the range on the website or discuss your wishes with one of our fruit specialists.

Frozen frozen fruit and fruit puree for industry

Fruit Life has a surprising range of frozen fruit and fruit purees for large consumers. In addition to traditional frozen fruit, exotic frozen fruit is also available. Do you prefer a fruit mix? This is also possible. Whatever you order, our products can be used for all kinds of things and are immediately available from our own storage. Are you looking for a reliable trading partner to purchase frozen frozen fruit and fruit puree and process it in your assortment or dishes? Fruit Life is the party to work with. Thanks to a large stock we can always deliver quickly and of course we do this at very competitive prices. Contact our sales team without obligation, they can provide you with the right price that matches the quality that Fruitlife guarantees.

Sell fresh fruit products to your customers

Fresh fruit is always appreciated. That is why the choice for frozen fruit and fruit puree is quickly made. Moreover, with us you benefit from 100% natural fruit without artificial additives or sugars. This way the taste of fresh fruit is preserved! Frozen fruit has a much longer shelf life than fresh fruit that has not been frozen. An excellent reason to buy in bulk. Would you rather taste fruit before you order it? It is always an option to request a sample. You can easily arrange this via the contact form on the website.

This is why you place an order with Fruit Life

In addition to a wide range of fruit, you can enjoy quality products and excellent service at Fruit Life. Order fruit in large quantities? Don't hesitate, but make a purchase by mail . Do you want to take advantage of our attractive prices? Request a quote immediately, we are happy to help you on your way. Would you prefer personal advice from someone who will guide you through the purchasing process and introduce you to the various fruit products? Feel free to contact one of our employees and place an order with Fruit Life to your complete satisfaction.


Extensive range, immediately ready for use

Fruit all year round! Fruitlife has selected the tastiest and most beautiful fruit from the best harvest areas especially for you. The fruit is easy to dose, has a long shelf life, has no additives and can be processed immediately.

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