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Catering and canteens

Fresh frozen fruit for catering and canteens

With your catering company you are happy to contribute to healthy and vital employees. Are you regularly called in by clients to provide catering or are you active in the canteen and do you love working with beautiful products? Frozen fruit and puree from Fruitlife can be used with all kinds of dishes and drinks. Are you looking for inspiration for catering and canteen recipes? Fruitlife is happy to show you how you can use fruit in your catering and canteen activities. You enjoy processing fresh fruit and guests enjoy healthy treats!

Fruit puree: ideal for smoothies

Fruit Puree from Fruitlife is ideally suited for making healthy smoothies. You do not have to puree fruit, because we have already done that for you. This saves you a lot of work and you are also always assured of fresh products. Fruit from the wholesaler or supermarket has a shorter shelf life. Of course you can also use fruit wedges as a finishing touch on smoothies. Strawberries and black or red currants immediately attract attention and definitely invite you to drink a smoothie! For example, go for a delicious breakfast smoothie consisting of (soy) yogurt, banana, kiwi, spinach and oatmeal.

Fresh fruits in salads and desserts

Fruitlife's frozen fruit can also be used in other dishes. Grapes, pomegranate orange and mango come in handy in a delicious fruit salad. Most fruit is already pre-cut, which is why you can immediately incorporate it into the menus you put together for your guests. Do you love making desserts? Make a sorbet for dessert and use the different fruit mixes from Fruitlife. Would you also like to offer some sweet treats for a cup of coffee or tea? Frozen fruit can also be used in all kinds of cakes. In short: with fresh frozen fruit from Fruitlife you serve clients and guests an attractive breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert.

Fruit without artificial additives

Fruitlife offers catering companies and canteens a choice of dozens of fresh frozen fruit and fruit purées. Thanks to a large stock, we can always deliver to you quickly. In addition, no artificial flavors and colors have been added to our fruit. So you always choose 100 percent pure fruit. Scroll through our versatile range and be surprised by our fresh and healthy products!


Extensive range, immediately ready for use

Fruit all year round! Fruitlife has selected the tastiest and most beautiful fruit from the best harvest areas especially for you. The fruit is easy to dose, has a long shelf life, has no additives and can be processed immediately.

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