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Artisanal ice cream makers

Artisanal ice cream makers

Fresh fruit for artisanal ice cream preparation

Fruit and ice cream are a logical combination. Ice cream and fruit result in a tasteful and sizzling interplay. For this reason, fresh frozen fruit and fruit puree come in handy in traditional ice cream preparation. Strawberry, mango, banana and raspberry are just a few fruits that are used in desserts and other ice cream dishes. You can also see fresh fruit in sorbets. Fruitlife specializes in the preparation and sale of frozen fruit and fruit puree. We offer you an extensive range of fresh fruit and purees that you can use excellently for the offer in your ice cream parlor.

Fruit puree and ice cream: for delicious ice cream and scoop ice cream

A good taste is necessary for ice cream with fruit. Fruit puree is ideal for keeping ice cream scoopable. Ordinary fruit is often full of water and this is not good for the quality of the ice cream or scoop ice cream. That is why fruit puree is often used when preparing ice cream or scoop ice cream. Lemon, mango, strawberry and passion fruit are just some of the fruit purees that Fruitlife sells. There is sufficient stock and so you will receive your purchase quickly. You always buy frozen puree and for that reason it has a long shelf life.

Frozen fruit and sorbets

Do you use fresh fruit when making sorbets? Frozen fruit from Fruitlife comes in all kinds of colors and flavors, each type of fruit has its own aroma. Moreover, the fruit has a soft structure, which makes it perfect for ice cream. Of course you can also use fruit puree to make delicious sorbets. For example, go for raspberry or forest fruit puree. Use an ice cream maker to achieve the perfect consistency. And of course the syrup should not be missing! The fresh fruit and also the fruit segments give every sorbet a festive character. Fruitlife's frozen fruit immediately makes you want to make the most beautiful sorbets!

Fresh fruit without artificial additives

Are you active in artisanal ice cream preparation and do you like to surprise your customers with fruity and tasty ice cream? With Fruitlife's frozen fruit and fruit purée, you always opt for 100% natural fruit without artificial flavors and colours. By working exclusively with natural products, you get the best quality ice cream and that is exactly what you want. It makes customers come back to you faster. Therefore, immerse yourself in the Fruitlife range and order the frozen fruit and fruit puree you need for artisanal ice cream preparation.


Extensive range, immediately ready for use

Fruit all year round! Fruitlife has selected the tastiest and most beautiful fruit from the best harvest areas especially for you. The fruit is easy to dose, has a long shelf life, has no additives and can be processed immediately.

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