Discover the rich taste of fresh strawberries from the freezer

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in the Netherlands. Besides being delicious to eat, they also do very well at the gastronomic level. There isn’t a baker who has never made a strawberry pie nor a chef who has never created a beautiful dessert with these delectable red fruits. And then there’s the cocktail shaker who likes to make colorfoul cocktails with strawberries. To provide you with that delicious fresh strawberry flavour all year round, we have various types of frozen strawberries in our range. One of these are the large frozen strawberries of the Senga Sengana variety.

Give desserts and cakes the finishing touch with large deep-freeze strawberries

A frozen Senga Sengana strawberry measures between 25 and 35 millimetres. This makes it ideal for a generous garnish for desserts or pastries. You can order these frozen strawberries in various packagings from your catering or bakery wholesaler. You can choose 4 packs of 2.5 kilos or 10 packs of 1 kilo. This way you can set to work with the quantity of frozen strawberries that is easiest for you. Would you rather work with a smaller strawberry from the freezer? Then Fruit Life has frozen strawberries for you that measure between 15 and 25 millimetres. Or opt for the even smaller wild strawberries.

The frozen strawberry: a great match with other fruits

You will also find frozen strawberries in our other high-quality products. We have a delicious forest fruit mix with frozen strawberries. Or try our forest fruit mix with juice containing frozen strawberries. Fruit Life can also offer you beautiful smoothies of strawberry with banana or strawberry with mango.

Choose high quality frozen strawberries

Whether you opt purely for strawberries that are frozen or for another product in which these fruits are processed, you can always count on top quality. We only select the best fruits for our frozen strawberries. A frozen strawberry from Fruit Life is therefore packed with vitamins and has an excellent taste. We also use the same method for our other range of frozen fruits.

Don’t wait to enjoy the taste of our deep-frozen strawberries

Would you like to try our frozen strawberries or maybe one of our other frozen fruits? You can request a free sample to taste before you buy. Would you rather order immediately? Then you can contact your catering or bakery wholesaler, or you can e-mail your order directly to!

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