Papaya cubes: for a tropical twist

A papaya can rightly be called a tropical surprise. The skin of the fruit is greenish-yellow, but the flesh is orange. This splash of color also has a deliciously sweet taste reminiscent of a melon. Still, there are drawbacks to papaya. Namely, these tropical fruits are really tasty only when they are just right when ripe. Moreover, they do not keep for a long time. Therefore, it is a good idea to work with papaya cubes from Fruitlife's freezer.

Benefit from papaya cubes from the freezer

With papaya from the freezer, you are always working with top-quality fresh fruit. This is because Fruitlife only accepts papaya from reliable fruit growers. Moreover, each papaya is extensively checked for freshness and quality before it is allowed in our freezer. So with us, you really will find the best papayas. For your convenience, we have already cleaned the fruit and cut it into convenient cubes. We have packaged the papaya cubes in quantities of 4 times 2.5 kilos. This gives you manageable portions that are easy to handle.

Try our other frozen products with papaya

Besides papaya cubes, Fruitlife has more delicious products with papaya from the freezer. For example, take a look at our purees. There you will find not only a nice puree of pure papaya, but also a delicious exotic puree with papaya, mango and pineapple. We also have a rich exotic fruit mix and tropical fruit with juice. To this, you can add additional papaya cubes if you wish. Fruitlife also has healthy smoothie mixes that you can supplement with papaya.

Discover at Fruitlife even more delicious frozen fruit besides papaya

Do you have a bakery, restaurant or are you a producer of a food product? Then at Fruitlife you are sure to find plenty of inspiration for your creations. This is because we have over 36 varieties of fruit in stock in our own cold store. Our assortment ranges from apples to strawberries and from oranges to bananas. In addition, you can also come to us for chestnuts, raspberry preserves and all kinds of berries, among other things. So if you want to come up with new combinations with papaya cubes, Fruitlife's selection offers plenty of options.

Buy frozen papaya cubes: taste how they taste first

Want to benefit from the convenience of our frozen papaya cubes? Then test how delicious they are first. You can easily request a free sample via our website. Would you rather buy our frozen papaya cubes right away? Then you can order them at