Lychee: an exotic surprise from the freezer

Firm flesh, nice and juicy and a sweet taste with a touch of spice: a good lychee has all these properties. Lychees, however, are tropical fruits and have often travelled a long way before being sold in the Netherlands. As a result, the quality of the fruit can deteriorate. But did you know that a frozen lychee can also be just as tasty as a fresh one? Especially if you opt for Fruitlife’s frozen lychees.

High quality frozen fruit: from lychees to apples

Fruitlife has been freezing fruit since 1971. So we know exactly how best to store lychees in our freezers. We also have an extensive network of top suppliers and we select the fruit based on quality, so that we freeze only the best fruit. What’s more, we don’t use any additives. Are you thinking of buying our frozen lychees? If so, you can count on a tasty product that is 100 percent natural.

Our lychees are easy to prepare thanks to our handy packaging

To make things easy for you, we’ve already peeled and washed every lychee. So you can get started quickly. Our frozen lychees also come in handy quantities. When you buy 10 kilos of lychees from us, it will come divided into ten 1 kilo portions. We also have a delicious lychee puree. Maybe you just want to add an element of surprise to a dessert? You can do that with our lychee puree.

Combine frozen lychees with other frozen fruits

Lychees are often used to flavour desserts. But for pure indulgence, why not try our frozen lychees with ice cream and cakes? The fruit also goes well with fish or meat dishes. Would you like to make a fruit salad or smoothie with frozen lychees and other fruits? Then take a look at our other ranges. How about a combination with blueberries, for example? Or stay with the tropical theme and add papaya cubes or banana slices. Traditional fruits from the Netherlands, such as apples or pears, also taste good with lychees.

Taste Fruitlife’s top quality frozen lychees before you buy

As you can see, Fruitlife offers a wide and varied range of frozen fruit. As well as lychees, you’ll find 35 other types of fruit. Would you like to buy frozen lychees or one of our other varieties? Then simply place your order via Are you curious to taste our lychees? Request a sample now. Then you’ll know for sure just how tasty Fruitlife's frozen lychees really are!