Give your culinary creations extra flavour with elderberries from Fruitlife

In the summer, elderberries grow on beautiful shrubs or small trees. The fruits ripen in August and September. Fortunately, you don't have to wait for these months to use the berries in your products. And elderberries are part of Fruitlife’s generous frozen fruit range. This means you can enjoy these healthy and tasty fruits all year round. Just like fresh elderberries, frozen elderberries are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals. What’s more, the unique taste of the berries is preserved in our freezers.

Discover the versatility of elderberries: from ice cream to beer

You can make anything with elderberries. These berries are most commonly used in jams, syrups and compotes. But the sweet and sour taste of the fruits also comes into its own in sauces that complement meat, chicken or game. Elderberries are also an ideal ingredient for ice cream or other desserts. Or why not try making beer or wine from elderberries? Would you prefer a stronger drink? You can use elderberries to make liqueurs or gin.

Choose high-quality frozen elderberries that are ready to use

With Fruitlife's frozen elderberries you are always guaranteed top-quality fruits. Before they reach our cold store, we check whether they meet our high requirements. Are the skins intact, are they juicy and are they ripe enough? Only then do they pass our frozen fruit test. We’ve also made sure that you can start using the fruits as soon as you get them. They come clean and free of all imperfections. And they come in handy 10 x 1 kilo packs. You can also order the berries in puree form from us.

Discover even more frozen fruits as well as elderberries

As well as elderberries, our frozen fruit range contains many more interesting berry varieties. How about blueberries and sea buckthorns? Or why not try our cranberries? You can also contact us for delicious fruit mixes containing different types of berries. Or combine the frozen elderberries with one of the other tasty fruits from Fruitlife. From apples to pineapples: more than 36 types of fruit are available in our cold store.

Buy or order frozen elderberries from Fruitlife

Would you like to make ice cream, beer or something else with our delicious elderberries? Then simply send an e-mail to We are also happy to give you the chance to taste before you buy. So are you curious to taste our frozen elderberries? Request a sample now!