Cherry puree: a deliciously sweet addition to dishes and cakes

Cherries are a favourite ingredient in many culinary creations. Their sweet or sweet-sour flavour pairs excellently with both sweet and savoury dishes. Moreover, the red to almost purplish-red fruits are beautiful. Not for nothing do they serve excellently as decoration for all kinds of cakes and desserts. Apart from being the icing on the cake, red fruits also blend well in smoothies, ice cream, puddings, chutneys, marinades and sauces. The most convenient and fastest way to do this is to work with a ready-made cherry puree. Take Fruitlife's delicious sweet cherry puree for your pastries or desserts, for example.

Take advantage of our handy volumes of fruit puree

Anyone who has ever worked with cherries knows that it is time-consuming work. To make a beautiful cherry puree, the cherries must first be washed. This is followed by pitting, de-stoning and mashing. So how easy is it if you just have a dose of ready-made fruit puree from cherries? At Fruitlife, you can find the right puree in different packaging forms. Do you like to use large quantities? Then take a package of one time 10 kilos. Do you prefer to work with small doses? Then you can also buy cherry puree from us in six one-kilogram portions.

Discover the advantages of buying fruit puree at Fruitlife

When you order fruit puree from Fruitlife, you receive absolute top quality. This is because all our fruit comes from selected growers with whom we have worked well for many years. Moreover, thanks to our decades of experience, we know exactly how best to freeze fruit. This ensures that flavour and nutritional value are retained. Another advantage of buying fruit puree at Fruitlife is that we have a large and varied range. No fewer than 65 types of fruit purees are in stock at our cold store. We can also serve you well with loose fruit. In this category, you can choose from more than 36 varieties.

Cherries: from sweet cherry mash to loose fruit

Do you like working with cherries? Then Fruitlife is right for you. You can choose a sour or sweet cherry puree. Would you prefer not to use sugar? If so, we have the right cherry puree for you. Furthermore, we have loose fruit available for both sweet and sour cherries. So whatever kind of dish, cake or food product you are making? Our range is sure to offer you the right cherries from the freezer.

Discover more great flavours to go with your cherry puree

To create new flavour combinations with cherries, you can take great inspiration from our range. For instance, we have beautiful smoothie mixes available that you can mix with a sweet cherry puree. Or combine the puree with cherries with one of our other fruit purees for a unique flavour. In any case, you can taste every product in advance with us by simply requesting a free sample. Would you rather buy cherry puree directly? Then quickly send your order to!