Apricot puree: tasty and easy

Apricots are a real treat with their beautiful orange-yellow colour and sweet taste. Apricot puree makes cakes and desserts extra tasty, but the taste of apricot also goes well with chicken and goat's cheese. So with apricot puree you can do anything in the kitchen or bakery. So discover more about Fruitlife's fruit purees and our wonderful apricot variant soon.

Take advantage of the manageable quantities of our fruit purees

Apricots may be loved in the pastry and culinary world for their flavour and colour, but they also have a drawback. And that is a hard stone. Removing it is a labour-intensive job. However, are you using Fruitlife's apricot puree? Then you can get straight to work. After all, our fruit purees are ready to use. Moreover, we supply them in convenient packaging. When you buy apricot puree from us, you can choose from a pack of six one-kilo packs, or one 10-kilo pack.

Buying fruit puree: only the best quality is good enough

For optimum apricot flavour, fruit quality is extremely important. At Fruitlife, we understand this like no other. Thanks to our decades of experience, we know exactly how best to freeze fruit. Moreover, over all those years we have managed to gather the best growers. As a result, only top-quality fruit reaches our cold store. You can taste this not only in our apricot puree, but also in our other fruit purees.

Buy apricot purees: try other flavours too

Our freezer store stocks 65 types of fruit purees. So you will find a rich source of inspiration for new flavours. Mix the flavour of apricots with bananas, blueberries or lime, for example. Fruitlife also offers several variations of apricots alone. For example, we have a sugar-free apricot puree. In this product, you will find one hundred per cent apricot. Furthermore, our frozen fruit range offers apricot cubes and apricot halves.

Buy fruit puree: request a sample or order directly

Frozen fruit has all kinds of advantages. You save on waste and time because you do not have to peel and stone. In addition, you are not dependent on the seasons and have high-quality frozen fruit all year round. Finally, you never have to throw anything away: what you don't use, you put back in the freezer. So discover quickly how delicious our products are. Simply request a free sample. You can also buy a fruit puree directly from us by emailing your order to bestelling@fruitlife.nl. Or visit your wholesaler or bakery supplier and buy Fruitlife products there!