Exotic fruit mix: choose the best fruits from faraway countries

Exotic fruits are a key ingredient in Fruit Life’s wide frozen fruit range. That’s why we have a great selection for you, including fresh frozen mangoes, pineapples and papayas. Do you want to use several exotic fruits all in one go? Then it’s a good idea to opt for our exotic fruit mix. Just think: delicious tropical flavours together in a single product.

Discover our fruit mix with tropical fruit

Fruit Life’s exotic fruit mix contains some of the tastiest tropical fruits around, such as banana, pineapple and mango. This fruit mix is also supplemented with subtropical fruit. Think of kiwi, orange and grapefruit. This creates a unique flavour combination that you can use in all kinds of products and dishes. For example, make ice cream with a tropical twist or give a dessert a refeshingly exotic effect. And what’s more, this fruit mix is colourful, so the result will look beautiful on the dining table or in the ice cream parlour.

Fruit mix: exotic fruits in handy packaging

When you order an exotic fruit mix from us, you can choose from two types of 10-kilo packaging. The first option is four 2.5-kilo bags. Smaller quantities are also possible in the form of ten 1-kilo bags. So it’s easy for you to choose which packaging is the most effective for you. Whether you go for the 2.5 or 1-kilo bags, you’ll always get clean fruit. And what’s more, they’re immediately ready for use. So washing or cutting the exotic fruit mix are things of the past. And this goes for all our products: from our frozen strawberries to our melon balls.

Discover our other fruit mixes

Do you like working with fruit mixes? Then Fruit Life offers a variety of options. We still have three delicious forest fruit mixes in our range. As with the exotic fruit mix, we’ve selected only the best and tastiest fruits for these. We also offer a forest fruit mix and an exotic fruit mix in juice. It’s also available in handy packaging and immediately ready for use.

Why not try the amazing, delicious taste of the exotic fruit mix from Fruit Life?

As the leading brand in frozen fruit for professional use in, for example the catering and food industry, we understand that you choose your products carefully. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to our exotic fruit mix with a free sample. Or order from your catering or bakery wholesaler. Or send your order directly to Fruit Life via bestelling@fruitlife.nl!