Kiwifruit: a healthy, green and tasty fruit

With its furry skin and oval shape, the kiwifruit looks quite funny. But this little powerhouse has much more to offer than its strange outward appearance would suggest. Behind that furry skin is a delicious green flesh that is packed with vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the fresh-sweet and slightly sour taste is a delicious addition to all kinds of desserts, ice creams, cakes and smoothies.

Taste the delicious exotic taste of our frozen kiwifruit

Kiwifruit has to come a long way, because it’s not grown in the Netherlands. Fortunately, with Fruitlife you can still enjoy all the goodness of this fruit. You can buy frozen kiwifruit from us. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we can freeze fruit in such a way as to preserve the taste and nutritional value. What’s more, we select only the best fruits for our frozen fruit. Fruitlife's kiwifruit is therefore of remarkably good quality.

Buying frozen kiwifruit: discover the benefits

All our frozen fruit is easy to process. For example, our frozen kiwifruit has already been peeled and cut into nice, even slices. Your frozen kiwifruit also comes in handy packaging. For example, we sell our frozen kiwifruit in 10 kg packs, which are in turn divided into four 2.5 kg packs.

Frozen kiwifruit as a puree or in a mix

As well as slices, you can also order frozen kiwifruit in other forms at Fruitlife. For example, we have a fantastic frozen kiwifruit puree.

Frozen fruit: from kiwifruit to strawberries

Fruitlife has all kinds of frozen fruit. As well as kiwifruit slices, we also have banana slices. You’ll also find many more kinds of frozen fruit that are ready to eat. We have bright melon balls, sweet pineapple tidbits, juicy mandarin segments, delicious plum halves and handy apple cubes.

So, maybe you want to make a nice fruit salad? Or have you come up with your own recipe for a smoothie? Then take a look at our other frozen fruit. Kiwifruit also goes well with all kinds of other fruit flavours, so get ready to be inspired by our range.

Order frozen kiwi quickly and easily

It’s easy to order frozen kiwifruit from Fruitlife; just send your order to Or first taste how delicious our frozen kiwifruit is by requesting a free sample!